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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ischia - Italy

Ischia is the largest of the three islands off the coast of Naples,  (Procida, Capri and Ischia), and more than holds its own in this trinity of beauty rising from the azure waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. This haven seems a million miles away from the haranguing, energy charged streets of Naples, (in reality only a short ferry journey away) and holds pleasures for the most intrepid or timid of travellers.

Fourty kilometres of coastline offer ample opportunities for sun-soaked relaxation. Inland, mountainous terrain awaits those who enjoy climbing. The peaceful pleasure of the fertile rolling volcanic hills offer less energetic strollers the chance to gain an advantageous view of the island without running short of breath. For the more urban minded visitor there is the elegant, traffic free town of Sant'Angelo with its characteristic boutiques, local pottery and hand-crafted merchandise.

Nearby Forio is known for its bars and tree lined Boulevards, while the Port of Ischia for ferries from the metropolis of Naples, offers discotheques, and high street shopping. Ischia port is also famous for the imposing Aragon's castle, rich with tales of blood and thunder. In the past, the castle was the town itself, housing 1900 families, various religious orders and 13 churches. The castle served as a refuge and defence against the regular pirate attacks with which the island had been plagued in former days. It is now a fascinating museum. Whatever type of pastime is preferred, there is therapeutic mud, spas, springs and cures a plenty guaranteed to relax, creating space from the relentless onward march of twentieth century life as we know it.