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Monday, November 12, 2012

Porto Katsiki - Lefkada, Greece

Porto Katsiki (Greek: ???t? ?ats???) on the Ioanian Sea island of Lefkada is one of the most famous beaches in Greece and Europe in general.[citation needed] Translation to English means "Port of the Goat", because before only a goat could reach this area.
A very famous and photogenic beach, it is at the bottom of an arc of pale cliff that seem to have the clean lines of something designed by an architect rather than a natural wonder. It rises out of the water like a wedge, narrow at the center of the bay where there are only a few stairs to the sand, and then towering upwards at either end. As well as the white lines of the cliffs, the water is bright, bright blue and the cliffs have grassy topped fringes.
It is 35 km away from Lefkada town, near Athani village. The unique view of the white cliff over the beach combined with the surrounding green of the area and the cyan water of the sea make this beach a "must visit" place for tourists. It is consistently rated Top European Beach of the Year.

This beach is a lot busier than nearby Egremeni and this is a lot easier to access. Indeed there is only 50 steps down to this beach as opposed to the 350 odd of Egremeni. There is a large car parking area after the descent from the main road. Next to here are the beach shops along with a fair few bars and restaurants. Taking the trip down the aforementioned steps one can turn left or right. Both are beautiful bays with rocks sitting slightly out in the beautiful water. The beach is of medium size and you can sit right up against the rock face. The craggy front provides some shade from the sun in places which is helpful because the beach is a suntrap. From the sea you can look up at the face and notice the streaks of orange that run down it.