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Friday, January 4, 2013

5 Best Museums to Visit in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the most popular tourist destination in the world.

The main tourist attractions are its 50 odd museums that draw as many as 2 million visitors each year.

From art to press, movies to science, the museums of Amsterdam cover everything under the sky.

1. Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

This is a state museum that displays works of art � paintings, sculptures, classic prints and photographs which depict the past in the light of the present. If you are on a whirlwind trip and still do not want to miss it then a look at �The Masterpieces� collection will sum up the museum for you.

2. Van Gogh Museum

As the name suggests this museum is solely dedicated to one of the world�s best artist ever � Vincent Van Gogh. Housed in twin buildings built by two different architects, the works of this famous painter show us how and why they qualify as a class apart. Do not miss the temporary exhibits that describe the life and times of this greatest artist in history.

3. Anne Frank House

This is the secret hideout of Anne Frank and the two Jewish families that escaped persecution by Nazis by hiding in this annex which is a part of the Amsterdam Canal House. The house is now a museum which exhibits the remains of the original hideout and the original diary penned by the legendary Anne Frank at the German concentration camp exposing the inhuman activities and hatred of the Nazis during that era.

4. Stedelijk Museum

This museum houses a precious collection of contemporary art. Also known as the Amsterdam Municipal Museum, it is now being renovated and modernized to exhibit and protect the rich collections better. The collection at this museum is numbered at 90,000 paintings, sculptures and designs and artifacts belonging to the modern era, making it a must visit for all tourists to Amsterdam.

5. NEMO Science Center

Housed in a boat shaped building this museum is the largest of all science centers in Netherlands. The museum is unique not only because it interests children, but also because one can touch and experiment with the collection exhibited here. If traveling with children, then do not miss this museum.

Source:  thetravelerszone.com